Our skin can be a sensitive old soul and anything can impact on it’s health.
The environment, our lifestyle and eating habits, are just a few of the factors that impact the way our skin behaves.
Personally my skin is currently going through some real trauma. Thanks to the winter weather and a little emotional stress, my skin is raw with angry spots.
As I know I’m not the only one who may be suffering with a bought of the skin blues, I thought I would share some of my skin saviours and handy tips, that are keeping my skin as healthy as possible during my winter woes.

Liz Earle
I’m sure all of you have heard of the skin doctor that is Liz Earle. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without seeing someone blog about it. And why not when it truly is so amazing.
Typically, I was first introduced to the Liz Earle Skincare by a blogger.
After finishing my then go-to skin products and not being so happy with the results, I thought I would give Liz Earle a go.
I purchased my first products in early November and was instantly wowed by the stunning package that arrived. Beautifully wrapped and with a lovely welcome letter, I felt as though I had been welcomed into a skin sanctuary.
Initially I purchased;
– Cleanse & Polish
– Instant Boost Tonic
– Skin Repair Moisturiser
– Superskin Concentrate
– Deep Cleansing Mask

Using the Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise nightly, and the Mask and Concentrate once a week, I’m almost four months into using these products and I still have a great deal left.
As always with good skincare products a little goes a long way and the effects that it’s having on my skin is incredible. It’s cleaner, clearer and glowing.
In honesty I would have thought I needed to spend a fortune to get these results, but with the great value for money that is Liz Earle, there really is no excuse for bad skin. I feel confident in what I’m using so you’re going to need some serious hypnotherapy to move me away from this brand.

When I first heard about Cleanse & Polish I truly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Could it really wipe away all that make-up in one swoop of a muslin cloth? 
Yes it could, and four months down the line I cannot go a day without my Cleanse & Polish. 
It makes me feel so clean. I’m always amazed at how easily it dissolves even the toughest of mascaras. 
After using this product religiously I can understand why it is Liz Earle’s iconic beauty product. 
If you try anything out of the range you have to promise me you’ll try this. You will never turn back. 
I’ve never been fussed about Toners but this one is different. There’s no overpowering floral scent and with extracts of Cucumber and Aloe Vera it soothes my redness in an instant. With this calming effect, it makes my skin feel squeaky clean. 
My skin type is usually Normal/Combination but due to the harsh winter weather I opted for the much richer Dry/Sensitive Moisturiser to renew my skin for the battering it has been taking. 
I only apply this lightly on my face and neck in the evenings, to give my skin chance to breath and rejuvenate. 
Thankfully I owe my new found glow to this regime as not once this winter have I experienced any tight, flaky dry skin. It feels lovely not to look like a scaly sue. 
Now whilst I was placing my little order I also treated myself to the Deep Cleansing Mask.
Every week I like to have a full on pamper sesh. You know the kind. Deep bubbly bath, hair mask, face mask and maybe if I feel like it shave my legs haha 
So I thought I would give the Deep Cleansing Mask a go. 
This once a week treat has really taken my pamper nights up a level. A thick clay based mask that really digs deep on those impurities. I can feel it instantly getting to work as it tingles on my skin. 
And if you’re anything like me you will love washing away all that dirt with the facial sponges.

This little miracle oil was created to ease those wrinkles and rid the face of puffiness and other nasties. 
Admittedly I do not yet need an anti-ageing formula, but there’s no time like the present to prevent such things.
It’s super rich formula of essential oils is a medecine for skin. Massaging this gently into my face after a nice soak is not only a treat for my skin but a treat for my senses. As soon as this touches my face, I’m ready for bed. 
Whilst I’ve been trying the Liz Earle range I’ve been overwhelmed by just how sumptuous the formulations of the products are. There’s no overpowering scents or harsh chemical reactions, it’s natural ingredients actively create a better complexion.
Along with my new found Liz Earle skin regime, I’ve also been quite strict in other areas of my life to also eliminate the signs of bad skin. Here’s just a few handy tips that I truly belive will help you along the way to clearer skin. 
1) Dink More Water
Yes seriously! You would be surprised at how this alone can help your complexion. 
Rid your body of those free radicals and sugary drinks and give your skin a break. 
Even try it for just one week and you will see the dramatic change. 
2) Eat Less Crap
I’m not telling you to go on a diet but what you put into your body you will get out. 
So if you stuff your face full of crap, you’re going to look like crap. 
Instead nourish your body with good food and it will repay you by looking and feeling great!
3) Fresh Air & Exercise
Get that blood pumping around your body. Fresh air and a good blood flow will ensure your body can remove toxins quicker and give you that healthy glow. 
We’ve all noticed how fresh we look after a nice winter walk. 
4) Stop Picking
We have all been victims in our own crime. You’ve seen that juicy spot that’s ready to burst and you long to pop it. 
Well don’t. Not only will it scar but it will cause more trauma to your poor old skin. 
So leave your spots alone and let your body rid the toxin naturally. It will soon clear up without the intervention of your fingers. 
5) Stop Touching
Surprisingly we touch our faces more often than we think we do. 
Our hands come in contact with lots of germs throughout the day, and yet we still  subconciously touch our faces. Whether it’s leaning on our hands, dabbing on a bit of concealer, rubbing our noses etc
So with this in mind, make a conscious effort not to touch your face and you might just find your spots won’t be so bad.
6) Silk Pillowcases
I’ve long been a believer in Silk pillowcases. 
You may be thinking well what’s the difference? So here it goes..
Have you ever woken up one morning with pillowcase creases dented into your face. 
We’ve all been there. When you look in the mirror wondering how you’ve managed to wake-up looking like Frankensteins monster. 
Well this is down to a simple fact that cotton pillowcases crease and in turn cause creases within our faces. 
These creases may often be unnoticeable. But this pressure and wear on our skin can in the long run cause damage and even wrinkles. 
So with the help of a silk pillowcase skin is cushioned gently and moves smoothly with our bedtime movements rather than crimple and crease. 
Try it for yourself.
I hope this review and these few handy tips will help you on your journey to better skin. 
I know we all long to look like the skincare models with their clear, dewy complexions, but they are the lucky few. 
We have to be thankful for what we have and look after it to the best of our abilitly. 

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