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When my trusted Liz Earle products recently diminished, and all the other samples of products I had stored away were emptied, I felt as though it was time to give a new brand a try and reinvigorate my skincare routine.

Naturally I always turn to other bloggers to see which brands have been coming out on top, but being sceptical of the big named brands out there I thought I’d bring up the skincare question at work, because if there’s one thing us ladies like to talk about it’s the brands that are making us go ‘oooh’.

Besides recommendations can often help you find those products that have been off your radar and open your eyes to ideas that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of.

I’d always dabbled in Lush bath bombs, their comforter bubble bar is an addiction of mine with it’s sweet wham bar scent, but I’d never considered their skincare. How very rude of me!

So when it came up in conversation just how lush it was, I made plans to have a little spree and see what I could find.

As always their customer service was excellent, and I was talked through the entire range by Chloe, who then let me test out a few of the products to see if they passed the sniff test. Of course they did, so I walked out with what felt like a crate full of products, as well as a handful of other exciting samples for me to try.

So what was in the brown bag you may be wondering;


 Ultraband Cleanser

Although you can use this as a make-up remover as per the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I found it to be quite stubborn to wash off the muslin cloth, so instead I remove my make-up with remover and then massage in the cleanser.

You can feel the gritty pieces of raw almonds within the cream, so it feels as though it’s exfoliating at the same time. I then wash it off with warm water and a muslin cloth.

The consistency of this is definitely luxurious, but it does leave an unusual film on the skin which is easily removed with toner.


Breathe of Fresh Air

Without sounding like the Ronsil Advert, this toner does exactly what it says on the bottle!

Infused with seaweed extract it has the scent of a brisk walk on the beach.

Personally for me, I find this really cooling and refreshing, especially when I’m having a bad skin day and my spots are raging.


Gorgeous Moisturiser

Admittedly their most expensive moisturiser, but OH MY!! It is so worth it.

Not thick and creamy like many moisturisers I’m used to, this is a super light consistency that goes a long way.

A combination of organice oils and juiced fruits it smells sweet and delicious.

According to myths and legends this recipe was commissioned as it was the same ingredients as Princess Diana’s personalised moisturiser. But either way it’s exquisite!

As with all Lush products a little really does go a long way as these products have lasted me 4 months.

Yes, that’s how long they’ve lasted despite using them daily.

I’m not only pleased to report that Lush skincare is excellent value for money, but of course they’re packed full of the good stuff.

My skin feels so clean and nourished when I use these products and I’ll definitely be reinvesting come payday.

Next on my hit list for Lush is also their Comforter Shower Gel, and of course it’s Snow Fairy season so I’ll be stocking up on that as well.

Seriously though, it appears that Lush can do no wrong in my eyes, even if my bank balance doesn’t agree!

What are you loving in Lush?

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