Like one fitness challenge this year wasn’t enough, I’ve signed myself up for the Great Eastern Run. (Well, as it’s on my doorstep it would be rude not to!)

Luckily my training plan for this feat isn’t quite as extreme as the Rat Race, so I won’t be throwing myself over any hay bales in preparation for this one, but getting used to pure straight running without any obstacles to entertain me along the way will definitely be more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

Despite being a runner already I’ve always ran for the fun of it, (yes you read that correctly). The fresh air, the views, the feeling of complete and utter freedom. No matter how my day is going, running is my therapy and my cure.

Out on the road it’s just me, and I can go wherever I want to, when I want to. I’ve never cared much for the competition side of it, except for the simple idea of competing with myself.

I began running as form of therapy when I was seventeen, it helped me to get outside after a really bad day and just clear my head of all the crap, and now I suppose it’s continued to be just that and so much more. It’s taught me to push myself, to stay strong and to remain resilient even when my whole body is urging me to stop.

I think there’s a lot to be said for running, it’s free and unlike the gym, the outside is open all hours.

However, since running really isn’t that good for you, my body is now starting to gain a few injuries, I hate to say that it’s probably a combination of age and overuse but running is known to be dreadful for joints. With many parts of my body being much stiffer and far more creaky than they should be for someone of my age, I’ve been taking regular beatings with a sports massage and also increased the amount of yoga I was doing to try and pull those aching muscles apart a little more.

I think we sometimes forget how much we put our bodies through, and always use the excuse of time to not stop and give our bodies time to heal. Rest days are just as important as the days we workout, and that’s certainly becoming true now that I’m being a fitness freak once again.

Now I just need to put together the playlist that’s going to keep me moving on the day.

(If you’re also taking part I’ve listed my training plan below if you wanted a nosey. See you at the finish line!)

Monday – Body Balance

Tuesday – 4 Mile Run + Insanity

Wednesday – Body Balance

Thursday – Body Pump + Body Combat

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Parkrun or PT session

Sunday – Long run




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