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 I’ve spoken quite a lot on this blog about my love for weight training, and I know that many women can often be scared that they’re going to ‘bulk up’ and look like the She-Hulk.

But personally for me, weight training has been a real game changer to my fitness plan, and increased my capacity to do more and have a much healthier body.

Not only has it improved my overall health, but it’s made me far more lean and toned than I ever could have done alone with just my traditional cardio workouts.

I love having a strong body, and an essential part of this process is eating well to maintain all the hard work that I’m doing in the gym.

One thing that’s been over talked about recently in the media is protein.

Now for me protein is a large part of my diet because of the amount of weight training that I do.

With the constant strain on my muscles and me ripping them to shreds, it’s important than I then nourish and grow them back again with the right amount of protein.

Aside from my usual eggs for breakfast, and a fish based lunch, I’ll also ensure to add a high protein snack to my diet after any strenuous weight training. (Especially if I’ve been working out with Lisa, because she sure know’s how to make my muscles burn!)

So when I was contacted by Body Building Warehouse to review their Chocolate Protein Cookies, I practically jumped at the chance, as not only is it something that I currently purchase anyway, but I love discovering new tasty protein snacks to make eating feel like less of a chore and more of a treat!

In a very moist cookie based format, I must say that it was rather yummy to have these after my workouts, and I soon found Steve sneaking one after his gym sessions as well.

They are pretty hefty, and you certainly get your money’s worth, but I think it would be great if they did them in mini size to snack on, as these big cookies were certainly filling.

There’s lots of confusion about eating protein, but really you should only consume excess protein if you are weight training, as too much can turn into fat and sugars that are stored in your body.

So if like me, you love hitting the weights, these treats are most certainly going to aid you into getting those ‘guns’ you’ve been after.

Now to put them under lock and key away from Steve!

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