trends for fall 2014

trends for fall 2014 trends for fall 2014

New Look Snakeskin Shopper 

Snakeskin has been hailed as the must have trend piece for Winter 2014.

So when my eyes were struck by this luscious lime snakeskin shopper in New Look, I knew I had bagged myself an ‘it’ piece for the season.

Big enough for me to live in, I’m surprised it didn’t come with a mortgage.

The vibrant colour and python print is enough to make you think it could be designer,  but instead it came with a nice purse friendly price tag that makes this exotic piece of arm candy my best buy for the season so far.

As my default fashion for winter is typically lots of grey and black, I know that this nearly neon accessory will help bring a pop of colour back into my outfits along with a little fun.

Trends can be tricky to pull off without looking like a runway reject, so I love using accessories to trial a trend without investing heavily in costly pieces that might only get worn once.

Which winter trends do you want to get a piece of this season?





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  1. Megan

    Love this bag it is so you! Looks fab. Xx

    1. lizaboo

      Aw thanks Megan. It’s taking me a while to adjust to such a big bag but I’ll soon fill it with junk I don’t need haha :o) x

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