autumn fashion
autumn fashion
autumn fashion
Denim Shirt – Topshop
Grey Tshirt – Zara
Gunmetal Quilted Skirt – M&S
Mules – M&S 
Date nights are always a great chance for me to enjoy a little dress up time.
When you live with your other half things get comfortable pretty quickly.
Make-up becomes void unless your leaving the house, and pyjamas become your second skin.
Which is why I love the fact Steve and I make extra time for each other once a month to just get out and enjoy being a couple.
This little outfit was thrown together as a smart/casual style I could feel comfortable yet glam in. After all, you need clothes that will make space for the food baby that is sure to arrive after stuffing your face!
Grey appears to be making a comeback for the next few seasons and combining different tones of grey is a fun way to play with a trend without having to invest in lots of new pieces.
As Spike from Notting Hill once said – ‘Chicks love grey’! ;o)

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    1. Lizaboo

      Thanks for your lovely comment Emma. Date nights are definitely the way forward ;o) x

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