New for Now Exhibition – Currently at the Rijks museum Amsterdam

 Whether created for fun, extravagance or practicality, you cannot dismiss the fact that fashion is one of the most talked about art forms that has managed to maintain it’s importance throughout history.

I adore the history behind fashion, so when we stumbled across the New for Now exhibition on our trip to Amsterdam, I just had to visit and open my mind to the relics inside.

Fashion history is an area that I most enjoy, and I’ll never forget the beginnings of my ‘passion for fashion’ when writing my first essay for my fashion course surrounding Dior’s New Look. It was a piece of writing I’m still proud of today, and the books I purchased are the kind I love to sit and flick through wondering what it would have been like to wear such stylish pieces.

I embrace the freedom that fashion gives us to be able to express ourselves. You don’t need to be a painter or a sculptor, instead just choosing the items you love can say so much and put a spring in your step.

Fashion means so much to many different people and we all have our interpretations of what we deem as ‘fashionable’, but that’s part of it’s beauty, and nothing reminds me more of this than the ever changing landscape of the history of fashion. What was once deemed fashionable in the 1900’s may not be seen as fashionable now.

It’s funny how something can just catch on and ignite the imagination. Who would of thought that Anne Boleyn’s clever sleeve to conceal her sixth finger would catch on as trend?

Aside from the rare trip to the V&A, I’d never been to a fashion exhibition outside of London, so New for Now was the perfect dose of fashion for a city getaway.

The illustrations from the earliest fashion magazines are beautiful, and to think they were handcrafted just adds to their enchantment.

If you’re off to Amsterdam any time soon, I would highly recommend checking in at the Rijk to immerse yourself in a little fashion history.

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