I was recently given the exciting opportunity to review a new make-up range launching across the UK.
Competing with the likes of Avon, FM Make-Up is the new girl on the block when it comes to high quality, affordable cosmetics.
Having birth marks on my face gives me the perfect skin to be able to really put any cosmetics to the ultimate coverage test. I’m always on the look out for an affordable brand that doesn’t compromise on it’s quality, so to try this new brand was very exciting.
I was instantly struck by how gorgeous the packaging was, modern but feminine, I would be happy for this to sit in my make-up bag.
My goal with the products I chose was to create a flawless natural, everyday look.
CC Primer – £8.99
The colour and care range combines high pigmented products with functional skincare. This to me is a match made in make-up heaven.
I applied this to a dry face with no moistruriser as I found this product very nourishing in itself.
Dabbing it on and rubbing it into my face like a moisturiser worked best as it seemed to absorb beautifully, creating a good matte base for me to work on.
I was amazed at how this product had neutralised my redness and birthmarks instantly.

CC Cream Colour Foundation – £8.99
Using a make-up brush I applied the CC Cream Colour in long swooping strokes, blending gently around my birthmarks. The consistency of this product is quite thick but once applied with a brush evens out to create a smooth and very natural base colour. 
 CC Powder – £8.99
The CC Powder is a great add on if you like to have a matte finish to your make-up.
I suffer with a little shine on my forehead and nose, so this was great for dabbing on to secure the base.
I love that these are all mineral based, making the products feel very light on the skin rather than cakey.

MultiColour Highlighter – £8.99
This has got to be my favourite product from the entire range.
Using the colour Precious Pink and a blusher brush, I used this to do some contouring around my cheekbones and nose. Not only  is the leopard print design super cool, it also combines three different colours, giving a multi-tonal look rather than one solid colour.
I would also recommend this as a great bronzing powder.

Metallic Eyeshadow (Pink Cloud) – £5.49
Metallics are a big trend for S/S 2014 especially with a feminine twist, so when I saw the range of metallic eyeshadows FM had to offer I was spoilt for choice. 
Opting for a traditional pink, I chose Pink Cloud. A delicate baby pink with a subtle shimmer. 
Applying this was easy, it wasn’t too chalky or dusty, just light enough to cover my brush without getting it everywhere.
This shade was great for brightening up my eyes, exactly what you want from an everyday look.
Liquid Eyeliner (Carbon Black) – £7.99
I’m a sucker for a liquid eyeliner and can’t go a day without wearing my statement cat eye flick. 
Usually my eyeliners are liquid and brush, but the new packaging trend is like a felt tip.
I was slightly nervous about applying this as I had never tried this method before but I was impressed at just how easy it was. In fact, I’m converted. 
My lines are smoother, sharper and the age old struggle of trying the get your cat eyes to match has been made a whole lot easier. 
So what’s my verdict? 
Well my camera says it all really..do you see my birth marks? 

I’ve been really impressed with FM Make-Up and it is going to take a firm place in my favourite beauty buys. My skin feels radiant and the coverage is exceptional. Something I thought could only be found in high end cosmetics.
If you’re looking to grab yourself some FM Make-up visit www.fmcollection.co.uk
Or if you’re based in Peterborough contact our local FM Representative AnneMarie Gilbert; email [email protected]

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  1. Emily

    You look like you are glowing 🙂 Great review. I’m looking to become FM representative, but first I check on bloggers opinions about the brand. So far all reviewers are happy with FM products, maybe not with every product but still.

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