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It’s not very often that I make much of an effort with my hair, probably because I’m completely useless with it.

Being so fine and naturally wavey makes it a difficult task to say the least, and whenever I try to do anything fancy it usually ends up looking nothing like the tutorial that I’ve attempted.

But when Glitzy Secrets sent me this stunning charm hair band to style, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to re-create a look I’ve been lusting over on Pinterest.

Admittedly as usual it didn’t quite turn out like the tutorial, but I did end up feeling pretty happy with the added volume and defined waves that were born from it.

My idea was to give it a feathery volumous style a la 70’s babe Farrah Fawcet, but with a bouffant fringe hinged back for a little glamour.

To create the style I split my hair into sections and worked the Babyliss hot brush through it on the high heat setting to give it more of a sleek wave that would hold. Applying plenty of hair spray as I went. (Probably enough to do more damage to the Ozone layer :/ )

The charm head band itself fitted perfectly over my head as it’s attached like any other piece of jewelry with a simple clip and hoop.

I must admit that I do tend to have a slight Blair Waldorf streak in me when it comes to head bands, as they just help hide-away those baby hairs that don’t want to do as their told sometimes.

Don’t worry, it’s not as though I have a full wardrobe of head bands, but I’m all for anything that distracts away from my less than perfect hair, so accessories are an essential.

With this piece I couldn’t quite get over how sparkly it was! (Might have had a princess moment.) And with a few fancy parties in the diary for this year, I can’t wait to make this part of my full princess get up.

In my eyes, pretty head pieces are simply not worn enough. So if I’m having a bad day, excuse me if I decide I need to wear this beauty to make myself feel a little better.

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