Seems this years Spring/Summer Fashion Trends are big on the 70’s, dont get me wrong i adore fashion and everytime i read through my Vogue there are always items i just simply must have.
But for some reason this trend has me completely baffled!

I love the simplistc and retro peices along with the beautiful colours it has introduced, such as the burnt oranges and teal blues. I do adore the quiffed big hair that looks so bouncy, and who could forget how the high-waisted flare has helped many a girl look a little tighter, and the double denim that brings a whole new spectrum of denim to our attention!
But the whole trend is just not me!

It seems too oddly put together and a little boring, everybody keeps saying how “Glamorous” is it but i honestly dont see it!
I think there is alot of masculinity in 70’s fashion and i’m the girliest girl you will ever meet! so its not surprising that im not feeling the funk!I like vibrant colours,sparkles and things that look a million dollars (or pounds)!
It always seems to me though that even if everyone doesnt suite this trend they continue to do so anyway just to prove that they are “On Trend”, its so frustrating. I mean more fool them for being a follower rather than a leader but i just find it utterly amusing.

I’m sure everybody has a past fashion era which they
 love, i think mine has to be a very feminine combination of 50’s and the 80’s, fun and feminine era’s that have given us some of the most statement fashion pieces of time.
I love nothing more than a beautiful over the top 50’s dress or some major 80’s shoulder detail and combining varied pieces really helps me to make my own style statement.
I’m very funny like that, as i completely hate people copying my look. I like to be completely different and unique, and however many times my mum says its the biggest compliment, i find it the biggest pain in the arse!

So what do you guys think of Fashion “followers” ?
Are trends helping or hindering ?

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  1. Laura

    agreed, i dont like this style at all, not a fan! i don’t tend to follow trends, just go with what i like, but it can get annoying when i cant find anything i like cause its all one trend! xx

  2. Mary

    Fashion is fleeting, so breathe deeply and it will go away. Continue to please yourself. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  3. Not quite beautiful

    Fashion is forever being recycled! Go with what suites you and how you’re feeling. I like trends but I won’t wear something, i’m not feeling; because it’s the current trend.


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