*Photography Courtesy of Gemma Ippolito*

Vintage Dress – Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro

Believe it or not, but when I purchased this dress from my local Peterborough Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro it was as long as I am.

Resembling what I can only describe as a Victorian night gown, the print and the colour were what it was truly all about, and I knew that with a few alterations it could look like a Topshop bestseller!

Shortening the hem, snipping down some of the frills and of course putting it through a good wash, it’s surprising how just a few amends can make it feel like a brand new dress, and for a fraction of the price you’d probably pay on the high street.

The beauty of this dress is not just in it’s fun and flirty vibe, (breaking the mould from this summers 70’s rebirth), but the complete versatility for all seasons. Worn with tights and boots for winter, or bare legs and ankle booties for summer, I know that this piece is going to become a classic in my wardrobe and not age like many of the trends so easily do.

Seen as this is no ordinary dress I felt that it was worthy of something far more creative than your traditional ‘street style’ snaps. so enlisting the help of my childhood friend, and uber creative girlie Gemma, we decided to style a vintage inspired shoot that would completely emulate this heritage fashion find.

 I’m something of a connoisseur in vintage clothes and it seems I’m spending more time in Sue Ryder these days than ever before.

Nothing quite excites me like finding a well made one-off that has more character than anything on the high street right now.

When was the last time you purchased vintage?

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