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With the sunshine finally starting to appear it’s no surprise that my Boots points have been getting a boost thanks to my need for that sun kissed glow.

Now that many of my body parts are about to be exposed to the public, I see fake tanning as simply a public service to ensure my pale skin doesn’t scare anyone. And as I know many of you will probably be feeling the same, I thought I would share with you my thoughts and my guide to applying Vita Liberata’s latest offering in their fake tanning range, the Luxury Rapid Tan Mouse.

I’ve always been an avid fan of Vita Liberata ever since they launched, as their products have always given the most natural colour, and whenever I’ve worn it people have always asked if I’ve been away, and that’s when you KNOW a fake tan product is worth every penny.

So despite it being on the premium price scale, in my eyes you really do get what you pay for when it comes to tanning. The cheaper the product, the cheaper you’re going to look!

Now I’m no bronzed goddess. I have medium to fair skin that is pretty normal. If I had anything but hint a of colour in my skin I certainly wouldn’t be going to such lengths to get a glow. But instead, here I am putting my pennies into products that I’m hoping will get me just a smidge closer to the bronzed babe that is Gisele Bundchen.

Usually my fake tan routine consists of a combination of Garnier’s Gradual Tan Moisturiser and Vita Liberata’s Tinted Mouse. I’ve always believed that layering is a good way to get the most natural tan. But when I saw the excitement surrounding the new Luxury Tan, I thought I give it a go in the name of fake tanners everywhere.

To be honest I initially had my doubts as I had visions of me leaving it on for too long and being a little too dark.

But it actually took a number of attempts to truly understand the strength of this tanner, and I’m pleased to say that even if you fell asleep in it you would be fine.

On first thoughts I was disappointed with the ridiculously minuscule tanning mitt that is provided. Not only did it barely fit over my fat hands, but it made application a complete mare. So in the end I used my trusty regular mitt that I knew wouldn’t let me down.  So first piece of advice, throw the micro mitt and save yourself the hassle!

So if you’re looking for a flawless fake tan finish here’s the routine I’ve been using, and hopefully it might help you;

1) Buff the Body

The big rule of fake tan is exfoliation!

You wouldn’t apply paint to a rusty old bit of wood, it wouldn’t stick and would eventually chip off, so the same goes for your fake tan.

Get in that shower and scrub your body into an inch of it’s life.

Personally I body buff before hand with Mio’s Double Buff Exfoliator, and then once I’m in the shower I continue the process with both exfoliation gloves and a sugar scrub.

Ensure to get to those dry patches like the chicken skin on your elbows, and your knees and ankles.

2) Preparation is Key

Now once you’ve got out your shower feeling like you’ve got a new body, it’s time to do the ground work before the application. This will also give your body chance to dry off completely.

Lay down plenty of towels or an old sheet because fake tanning is messy business.

I’ve had many a set of bed sheets ruined thanks to my tanning habits, so I wouldn’t advise putting on your best bed sheets on a tanning night.

3) It’s All in the Application

Using a mitt, rub the fake tan into your skin in circular motions.

I always start from my legs and work my way up, but I know many others would say to start at your face. Personally I think anyway is good as long as it helps you remember to cover your entire body.

An advantage of using the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan is that it has a slightly green tint in it, so whilst applying you can see where you’ve been. Yay! Anything that makes it easier is always a bonus in my book.

4) The Waiting Game

Now as this tan is a self developing tan over the hours, it all depends on how dark you like your tan as to how long you’re going to be sat in it.

On my first attempt with this product I left it the suggested 3 hours, but the next day I was really disappointed at the colour and felt that all my hard work had just disappeared down the plug hole.

So I decided to leave it a full evening to see how it turned out. Unfortunately the colour was still no stronger after I showered in the morning.

After more trialing I’ve come to find that this is a product that needs multiple applications as well as more hours spent developing.

Although it’s a great colour in the end, (One of the best I’ve ever had), It takes time to get it right.

5) Essential Aftercare

Like with any fake tanning process, if you want your colour to stay for as long as possible you need to keep on top of the aftercare and generally look after your body.

Applying a body moisturiser after every bath and shower can help prolong the colour and lead to a far more natural fade.

Vita Liberata have certainly got a bit more work to do on this product, but I’m happy to keep giving it a go thanks to the final result.

Despite the hard work that it adds into your beauty regime, I think it’s well worth it for a tan that’s going to look natural and encourage you to stay away from the sun.

Watch out Peterborough because my legs are out!

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