Well I was super duper excited about sharing my invisalign journey with you all, until my dentist decided to drill a hole in my lip!

Suffice to say the streams of blood and tearyness that followed did not give me confidence in my orthodontists experience. But being assured that this is a rare occurence I’ve decided to continue my treatment at the practice but with a different orthodontist.

Anyway, despite this ‘slip up’, my journey onto invisalign braces had been an exciting one.

I’d previously had the traditional ‘train tracks’ during my teen years, but then my downfall of not wearing the retainer meant they soon slipped back into their crooked ways.

I know for many people my desire to have straight teeth is a bizarre one especially as, a) they’re by no means the worst looking teeth and b) the money definitely could have been spent on more adult things, but this is an investment in my confidence.

My teeth have always bugged the hell out of me when I look back on pictures, and this is not how I want to feel when I look back on my wedding photos. My smile has never been an excited toothy faced grin, it’s been a smirk, and that just doesn’t scream happiness.

Admittedly I’m not getting hitched anytime soon, but I thought better late than never, hence I’ve saved up and decided to gift myself 18 months worth of pain in the hope I can stop smirking in photos and finally show my teeth.

So how does invisalign work I hear you say?

Well unlike traditional braces which are visible, invisalign is an invisible retainer that slowly moves your teeth into the desired position after months or years of wear, depending on the severity of the overcrowding.

As I have minimal overcrowding they estimate that my teeth will take 18 months to re-align.

In truth the entire process is very advanced.

On my initial consultation they took moulds of my teeth which were then sent to the invisalign manufacturers in the USA. There they use graphics to digitally map how your teeth are going to be moved and detail this in a guided video. During my journey I will go through a total of 23 retainers. Crazy!!

To think I’m only on number one and I have number two applied in just two weeks.

Aside from the hole in my lip, which was generated due to 0.03mm needing to be filed off some specific teeth, the pain is relatively normal. (Or whatever you consider normal when you’ve got two chunks of plastic forcing your teeth to move.)

A dull and constant tooth ache would be the best way to describe it, but I know that this will fade as my teeth get used to the process. For now it’s nothing a few ibuprofen can’t easily fix.

The funny talk I’ve gained is already getting on my nerves, but I’ve been told this will pass with time.

The only seriously frustrating difference is how much my daily snacking has been impacted. As you’re unable to eat with them in or drink anything but water, constantly removing them for cake is not really going to make the treatment effective.

Two weeks until set number two and I’m already missing my elevenses. Wah!

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