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Pastel Jumper – Handmade by Steves Grandma / Jeans – Topshop / Shirt – Camden Market / Necklace – Zara / Brogues – El Shoe Boutique

I’ve spoken many times on this blog about my obsession with a good bit of knitwear, and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the numerous Aran articles that appeared after a recent wardrobe re-organisation.

This particular pastel jumper is one of my favourites that Steve’s Grandma knitted especially for me.

And if you live here in the UK, you’ll know that coming across a quality handmade jumper is a rare find.

I tried to take up knitting myself last year, but got as far as making a washing up cloth. So I’m hoping that this year I might finally find the time to complete something a little more substantial.

Nothing beats a warm snuggly jumper, and in these cold times it’s currently the only item that’s making my winter outfits manageable.

Without them I’d be a shivering wreck!

Last weekend I had a lovely lunch date with Steve and his clever Grandma, and felt it was only fitting I showed her just how fashion friendly her knitwear can be.

Paired with my grey jeans (they used to be black), a long striped shirt and my favourite bit of bling, I felt it was just the trendy ticket for some Sunday shenanigans.

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