Well I thought I would do a random Sunday post as it seems to be the time when i can relax and contmeplate.
This weekend has been rather relaxed, literally havent done anything, except go round Steves Nans for Tea & Cake which is always lovely (love talking to old people and especially when they get the baby pics out).
Babysat for my little nephews which was great fun as we did a sleepover, we had loads of disney dvds, Fish& Chips for tea and lots of Sweets and Chocolate :o) (i dont know who had more fun me or them) .
And now i have just had a delicious sunday dinner at steves to top the weekend off nicely.  Yummy!!!

 Chilled out on Stevies bed ready to blog!

I have also now decided to start doing a Shoe-Day post, where every sunday i will comment about the Shoe of that weekend. I will admit i kind of stole it off Kylie Minogue as she does shoe tweets but my boring work shoes would not cut it everyday it would be a mega YAWN! :o0

Actually got a few posts out of the way this week that i had been dying to write for ages but unfortunately this came as a sacrifice in me not going to the gym,(Boo!) i only went once, so i feel like a mega fatty now and will be kicking it all off again next week! Personally i blame it on the weather being so bloody miserable. But on a better note i actually got time to snuggle down with a cuppa and finally start reading my Vogue!

Rosie Huntigtin-Whiteley looking like one hot cover girl, and Daisy Lowe looking very curvy on Asos Mag!

Today i have realised out of poor hilarity that i’m officially a tramp and have been wearing the same shirt for almost a week (not everyday obviously) i thought i would share this with you as i think you would appreciate the beauty of my shirt as well hahaha! You cant really see it very well in those pics but your not getting anymore :oP especially as I look minging with barely any make-up and bed hair haha !! Its a cute fitted shirt from Topshop in a beautiful light denim!

I just cant get enough of it , it literally goes with everything i own! Even my dark jeggings from Oasis. So I am now sporting real Gleek chic! Oh dear!
Why cant all my clothes be like this!
But due to this slightly ridiculous fashion error I have decided to challenge myself by emptying my wardrobe of all my clothes and not putting them back unless I have worn them!
Yes this may mean my room is going to look like a jumble sale for about a month but hopefuuly this will help me find my new found love for my other clothes and stop me from buying anymore!
Hmm we shall see how this goes!

Wardrobe literally bursting at the seams!

Bleurgh sleepy sunday portrait! 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Ask Boo


  1. Laura

    as you know i do like the denim shirt and i think it’s one of those things you can always wear really easily πŸ™‚
    looking forward to the shoes πŸ˜€ xx

  2. Harriet

    Ooh, the shoe posts sound interesting! I have a bit of a girl!crush on Daisy Lowe, she is rather stunning!

  3. Sophie Isobel

    My wardrobes like that too! I think I’m going to have to have another clear out!

  4. Mary

    I look forward to your shoe day post. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings…Mary

  5. dEJOISS

    Nice blog, you blog background is so cool~! Love the tone of those pics. πŸ™‚


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