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On a recent trip to the salon my hair dresser openly admitted that I would never have the mermaid locks I yearned for.

Just when a trip to the hair dressers wasn’t painful enough, she drops that bombshell on me!

After catching my wide-eyed flabbergasted expression in the mirror, I came to the realisation that she was right.

My hair has never played ball – fine, frizzy and with a natural curl that everyone seems to think is ‘cute’, my desire for long thick locks a la Princess Kate would never be mine for the taking.

And as much as I kept shoving images of Blake Lively’s golden tresses in front of her on every visit, there’s no wand or miracle treatment on earth that can grant me that wish. (To be honest, I think that’s what made her snap!)

There’s no such thing as salon magic and I seemed to keep reminding her of a goal that’s quite obviously unattainable.

It’s rare to find a hairdresser that doesn’t give you false hope, she didn’t sugar coat the truth, she just gave me the straight up facts. And after I’d got over the shock, it was quite refreshing.

Instead of telling me lies that my hair could be something that it’s not, she told me that it’s far better to have happy, healthy hair, than some ratty doo that makes me look like a hobo!

So since this revelation I’ve been doing everything within my own powers to resist the urge to bleach or abuse it with heat, in the hope that if I can’t have Rapunzel like hair, it could at least look it’s best just the way it is.

1) Washing it out

I’ve never washed my hair daily as it’s so fine it would just start to become stripped of it’s natural oils and overwork itself making it look greasy.  So I personally wash my hair every other day, and just manage with dry shampoo on the days it doesn’t hit the soap.

I also try my best not to wash my hair a few days after it’s been coloured, because if you do this it can actually strip some of the colour out and make it fade much quicker. So dry shampoo is like my hairs best friend for all scenarios!

2) Comb to me

Brushing wet hair can make it snap and snag, so I’ve been combing my hair through with a leave in conditioner for a few months now. I’m already starting to see far less split ends, and it just generally feels nicer than tearing through my hair with a big fat paddle brush!

3) Hold off the heat

Admittedly this is one thing I do find difficult as my natural hair can just be so damn unmanageable sometimes.

However I’ve been scouring YouTube and Pinterest for lots of easy hair tutorials that I can do when I have wet hair and leave it to dry naturally.

It’s really hard to do when I just want to look polished rather than the lady with the crazy hair, but I suppose I just need to embrace the madness and be proud of what mother nature has given me.  (Even if that does make me feel like curly sue.)

4) Going steady on the gainz

As a fan of weight lifting and strength exercises I do take in a hell of a lot of protein to keep my body strong.

But taking in too much can actually make your hair and nails more brittle and prone to breakages.

This is something I was not aware of until my hairdresser pointed it out to me, and showed me just how much my diet was affecting my hair.

It took me back a bit, as I presumed quite naively that lots of protein would be good for this. However, like with all food groups there needs to be balance rather than excess.

So I’ve cut back on the protein shake and I’m just sticking with my fish and nuts!

5) Supplement that diet

I’ve taken a few supplements in my diet for a while now just to get some of the key vitamins I need, but I also recently got the chance to give Hairfinity a try, to see if it could help nourish my hair after the years of heat styling torture that I’ve put it through. The supplements certainly made my hair look shinier, so I’m going to keep giving them a go alongside my healthy diet to see what other transformations they can help with.

Admittedly I still have a long way to go on my hair care journey, and it appears that there are many more tricks on the internet that I could try, so armed with the incentive to make my hair look it’s best, I’ll be giving myself the guinea pig treatment for the next few months to see if my hairdresser can really see a difference from all my efforts when I go back for m next trip. Here’s hoping anyway!


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