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A few weeks a go I decided that my body needed a helping hand in untightening all of my stressed-out muscles that are being ravaged by my rat race training.

I’m usually a bit of fitness freak anyway, but since increasing my weight training and adding more distance to my runs, my body has been feeling more like that of a 96 year old than a 26 year old.

And although I’ve been doing yoga on a weekly basis which has really helped, I knew that my muscles needed a bit more attention than a pigeon pose could give.

I’d never had a sports massage before, and the closest I ever came to one was a sickening session of physio therapy. (I’m still sure the therapist thought it was a good idea to put her finger in my knee joint…bluergh.)

Of course I’d had many a relaxing massage before, but knew that this would be about releasing tension, removing lactic acid build up, and popping those blood cells that had built up over the stresses and strains of pushing my body.

I booked in a session with a family friend, who I knew had a reputation for putting those muscles through their paces.

So after a thorough consultation, the torture began.

I can admit now that I was not expecting my body to be in such a tight way.

Never in all of my life have I felt so much pain as the families of knots were found and pinched and kneaded out of their hiding places.

I breathed deeply, cried out in pain, and swore more than a girl should admit. Luckily for me Gemma advised that my reaction was completely normal. So I didn’t feel like too much of a wimp!

But despite feeling like I’d been beaten to a pulp, it was an incredible session that made me feel more movement and flexibility than the stiff and tight body I had walked in with.

I was also super impressed with Gemma’s knowledge, as I’ve had a knee problem for a few years now, and despite seeing numerous physio therapists who have all diagnosed it differently, Gemma spotted the problem and gave me some great advice on what I should be doing to resolve it.

I was very tired afterwards which is always expected from the battering that your body goes through, but I would definitely give it a go again. I drank a lot of water afterwards to clear out all of the toxins in the body, took a deep hot bath and then slept like a baby.

With a sports massage you’re most definitely paying for pain, but it was well worth it.


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