Sorry to say folks but this is probably more like a rant post than a blog post.(So theres your warning read at your own risk) 
It always gets my goat how as soon as we enter January it seems like every man and his dog (not literally but that would be funny) has a fitness dvd out, telling everybody how they got so fit and skinny by using this work out, well lets be honest its all absolute b****ks.
Not only do they NOT have a 9-5 job like normal people, they have shed loads of time and money to spend on making them look amazing. If i had a personal trainer and a personal chef i too would look incredible but i dont!
So like a normal person i just eat healthily, attempt to get my 5 a day and go to the gym.Simples!
Please dont be sucked into another failed celebrities attempt at making some money. Lets be honest they will only be appearing 2 months later in Closer saying how they are naturally skinny! (Dream on)
Take it from a typical girl who has tried every diet under the sun, nothing works better than eating normal food in smaller portions and getting your ass off the sofa. The gym is not everybodys cup of tea and its often a costly mistake when you find out you hate it, so chose something you enjoy and that you are going to stick to.
Personally i love running in the fresh air, it gives me a great chance to think and it gets me out of the house.
If your going to do the whole gym thing dont be a poser.
And by this i mean arriving in full make-up and sitting on a machine and doing F**k all but look at men, it is one of my biggest bug bears, not only are you holding up a machine that someone could actuallly be working on but you look desperate! (Truth hurts)
Well i think that is my rant over. Now back to the chocolate and haribo. Hehe 

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