At some point in our lives we have all been touched by “No Clothes” syndrome.
It is a dreadful epidemic where wardrobes are quite literally spilling out with clothes yet non of them are wearable!
The devastating effect of this can cause confusion, utter dismay and a loss of fashion sense.
The remedy for this is a simple wardrobe over haul.
Clothes must be safely removed from said wardrobe and donated to a local charity shop, whilst new clothes must then be added to ensure wardrobe stability is maintained.

Joking aside…I’m suffering from the worst case of “No Clothes” syndrome I’ve ever experienced.
Trying to remedy this has proven more than difficult, as the shops are currrently in this horrible mid-season stage, where some items are to thin for the onset of winter yet to thick for the current humidity of August.
I’m quite literally stuck in a fashion rut until we hit winter.
So I’ve decided that whilst I await for the longest season of all, which I’m sure is’nt to far off, I will instead create some style boards on Pinterest to ensure that I have a good shopping list ready!
Who else is with me on this?

Below is a little outfit post that I managed to put together with a few very random pieces.
Mixing Summer items with Winter items to create an all round mid-season look.

Miss Selfridge Top 
Peacock Jersey Shorts
Kurt Geiger Trainers
New Look Leather & Stud Cuff

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