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Images Courtesy of Rachel Williams – See More Work Here

Shirt – French Boutique / Skirt – Charity Shop / Bag – New Look / Shoes – Primark

I know we’re technically still in the midst of winter, but spring is creeping upon us.

So seen as the sun decided to make an appearance I couldn’t help myself but to throw on some colour and ban the tights for a day at least. Brave I know.

(They practically become my second skin in winter, so my legs felt quite unnerved by the feeling of fresh air brushing against them.)

Since we’re in the full swing of Fashion Week, I thought there was no better way to celebrate than by dusting off a few special pieces from my little couture collection.

This outfit is something of an amalgamation of those items.

To say they’re unique would be an understatement.

Found in a little boutique in the French Alps, the shirt just jumped out at me as something incredibly beautiful, with such fragile and colourful detailing. A bit of a marmite item, I’ve received comments of both love and hate for it. But as if that matters.

The midi skirt was purchased from my local Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro store, on one of my missions to find fabulous pieces. Not only it is comfortable to wear, it just goes with so much and always brings an element of good old fashioned togetherness. For some unknown reason it always makes me feel a bit like a 1940’s nurse. (Must be the pleats and baby blue stripes.)

If there’s one thing I love about fashion it’s finding unique little gems like this in unusual places.

You can have your very own pieces of couture at a fraction of the Parisian price.

Be sure to watch this space as I’ll be doing a little YouTube video soon with one of my favourite vintage fashion bloggers Bethy Blue Eyes.

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  1. Megan

    Absolutely love that shirt it is stunning and goes so well with the skirt and shoes!! Gorgeous! Xxx

    1. lizaboo

      Aw thanks for your lovely comment Megan. It was a tad cold trying to attempt a spring outfit, but I was desperate for a bit of colourful haha xx

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