The Great Easter Run 2015

Excuse me if this post is a rambler but I’m on a life high right now after finally completing the Perkins Great Eastern Run and adding another medal to my collection!

Admittedly it’s not the most testing challenge that I’ve put myself through, but it’s been on my bucket list for a while now, and after finally getting over that finish line I can understand why so many people take part each year.

Not only was the atmosphere a hive of excitement at the start line, but throughout the course local Peterborians were clapping, cheering, motivating everyone to keep going and even a few had gone to the great lengths to hand out their own refreshments and snacks. I couldn’t get over the generosity and community spirit that I felt and it made me so proud to be a local.

Entering with my cousin Clare, we both knew this would not just be about the running, but about the mental challenge that faced us. On a beautiful sunny October day, the weather was nothing short of perfect, but when you’re running 13 miles with the sun beating down on you, you soon start to day dream of cold pools and ice cold drinks of water. There were so many times when my knees or my hips would begin to ache but I was determined not to stop and let my pains get the better of me.

Pushing on through I completed it in 2hours and 10mins. Personally, although I’m proud of my time I’m more proud of the fact that I just kept going and pushing through. I can be a determined little madam when I want to be, and I think this proved it! haha

Now with a body that feels like a 90 year old’s, even after some torturous sessions on the foam roller, I can most definitely say that I would do it again.

The organisation was faultless although there was some total jerk on a power trip barking at everyone wearing earphones, which may I add is not detailed in the race instructions. But despite this minor irritation I would happily do it again. Besides there’s nothing quite like chowing down on a chinese when it’s so well deserved ;o)

Apart from ice cold baths and a lathering of deep heat, I’m well on my way to recovery and already booking the next challenge. When will I learn!!

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