Fuchsia Party Dress* – Available Here

A pink party dress can always make you feel like Summer is only weeks away, and that’s exactly the vibe I was feeling when I put on this fuchsia ensemble.

It must be my age, but I’m starting to play by the fashion rules.

(Well a few of them anyway. If I followed them all life would be too dull!)

But there are some that are there to keep us from looking like mutton dressed as lamb, or like a lady of the night as some of us put it.

So in a bid to keep things classy, rather than show both my decolletage and my legs, I opted for just baring the legs.

(It’s awkward enough standing on the streets posing, let alone to show enough skin to make you open to offers!)

Layering it over a simple grey zara t-shirt helped me keep my modesty and make the dress look a little more casual.

Although I’m usually a fan of the full on glamour, when it’s just a night out with the ladies I sometimes just feel like going uber girlie with lashings of pink. (Fitting wouldn’t you say!)

So dusting off my old office studded booties and leaving my hair to go au natural for an evening, I hot footed it into town to get my once in a blue moon fix of frivolity.

I’m a light weight at the best of times, so don’t worry I kept it to a few cosmo’s.

 *PR Sample



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