Top – Sue Ryder / Grey T-Shirt – Zara / Jeans – Riverisland

Another week, another sparkly purchase from my local Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro.

I don’t what is about that place, but I’m an addict hooked on finding my next fashionable fix.

I know that many people can’t stand the time it takes to find something special in a charity shop, but call it the thrill of the hunt, I can’t wait to get in there and starting rooting around for buried treasure.

Give me a rail of charity shop clothes any day over the monotonous outfit cloning happening on the high street. It may not be ‘on trend’, but as if I ever follow any fashion rules anyway!

Although the beauty of this intricate top is so obviously in the beading and sequin placement, what I love the most is it’s ability to be worn for any occasion.

On it’s own for some instant glamour, or draped over a simple t-shirt for a more frivolous day look.

After all, who said sequins were only made for evenings? They shine so much better in the sunshine, and give me a little lift on a drab day.

The culmination of a dusky pink chiffon embellished with complimentary hues of brown and purple sequins and beads, make this a truly eye catching statement piece that does all the talking.

For the pennies I handed over for this gem, it would probably cost quadruple if I’d purchased it from a well known brand. It just goes to show you don’t have to pay silly prices to find yourself unique items.

I do sometimes wish that these retro pieces would come with a little note about where it’s come from or where it’s been, I bet some of the pieces in Sue Ryder would have some pretty incredible stories to tell.

What do you love most about vintage?

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  1. Alice

    Love this! I love trawling charity shops, and the feeling of finding a gem like this is amazing! Great outfit 🙂 xx

    1. lizaboo

      Thanks so much for the comment Alice, so glad I’ve found someone else addicted to charity shops. we’ll have to arrange a day out :o) xx

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