Orange is the new black



Primark Orange Jumper / Diane Cannings – The Fourth Ring Of Chaos / Ikea Orange Scented Candle / Tesco Felted Tip Succulent / Kate Spade Gift Box

Orange is the new black, and no it has nothing to do with a popular Netflix series. Although that’s pretty awesome too.

But there’s something about this warm autumnal tone, that I simply cannot get enough of at the moment.

The pip of orange was planted when we used it as an accent colour for our home office, and from there the obsession has grown.

Most surprising, is the fact that this colour has made it into my wardrobe. Who am I?

Usually the Wednesday Adams of winter, black has been over ruled by orange thanks to this bold and beautiful Primark jumper.

Promising myself to only purchase colourful items this winter, the easy way in was of course colourful knitwear.

So now that I’ve dipped my toes into orange who knows which colour I’ll be obsessing over next.

Which colours are you loving for winter?

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  1. Adorngirl

    Great selection! so glad this is not the typical neutral tones for winter. I am actually loving bright pink right now, although just in my accessories.

    1. lizaboo

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Colour is making my winter at the moment :o) x

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