Well I’m afraid to say folks I have neglected my blog for an ickle bit but I’m back now wooooopppie!
Dont worry though I have plenty of genuine excuses; firstly i was a very poorly lady and came down with a severe throat infection which means I’m on lots of nasty tasting Penicillin :o( ! And then I had to work alllllll weekend at the Professional Beauty Show Excel which has pretty much killed me and I now have the aching body of a 94 year old! You may think wow I bet she got to buy loads of cheap stuff but NO you can stop right there as it was sooooooooooo busy we didnt even get to stop let alone wonder off and spend! This is good though as I dread to think how much money I would spend if I did! 
I was still ill when I went away but pretty much raided Boots before I left for painkillers so that I could survive the weekend haha, as I felt a little sorry for myself I aslo treated myself to my favourite Mascara YSL Faux Cils in Blackest Black and a new lippy Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

As I had looked a right state for most of the week I thought that applying some make-up might make me feel a little better which it kind of did as I felt alive again rather than the living dead.

As you can see my YSL Mascara works wonders, it makes my eye lashes look amazing and really frames my eyes, it is a little pricey at Β£21.96 but it is well worth it and I totally live by this mascara. Once you have invested in this you will never go back.

I must be honest that the lipfinity was really not me! I have decided that I definately prefer  a normal high gloss lipstick rather than this but I would give it ago if you like to try out new looks.

As you can see I also mangaed to do a little montage of my going away for the weekend.
Had to buy a new weekend bag as my parents are away so often they keep using the ones we have so I invested in this really cute vintage suitcase that I bought from a charity shop for only Β£15! Bargain!
As you can see I also purchased plenty of sweeties to keep me happy on the trip down there.
Overall it has been one manic week and I think I have even put on a few pounds from the random eating times and all the sleep I have been trying to catch up on.
Misty Moo (my cat) really missed me and I received lots of attention when I walked through the door, infact she has not left my side yet! 

Glad to be home now and I promise to do some fab posts soon!
Let me know your thoughts on the Lipfinity or any suggestions for lipsticks would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies if once again this blog is utterly atrocious grammar and spelling word is still broken and I still havent caught up with much sleep so my hands seem to be typing faster than my brain can think hahaha! I certainly wont win blogger of the year just yet ! Hahaha

Have a good week peeps! :o) xx

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  1. Filipa

    Wow, that mascara is mega!! I really never fear paying a bit more for a quality make up cuz I always tell myself, it’s an invstement, and in the long run I will spend less than if i was to buy cheap make up.. at least that’s how I justify it πŸ˜› Welcome back and glad you feel better! πŸ™‚

  2. Mary

    I’m glad to hear that you are finally feeling better. Take care and have a restful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  3. Soph'CB

    just found your blog! it’s great, your pictures are really cool! also i my mum got 3 vintage suitcases from an auction for a bargain! i use them for storage in my room! X

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