Parca / Jumper / Skirt / Boots – M&S Limited Collection Available Here

It’s a rare occasion when my entire outfit comes from the same high street brand, and even rarer when it’s pointed out to you by the other half. (You should have seen my face when I realised.)

But apart from the beads, handbag and beanie, this complete ensemble is courtesy of M&S Limited Collection. Admittedly from different seasons but who’s taking note?

The other items are treasures that I’ve collected elsewhere but have lots of meaning.

The beautiful beads were my grandmothers, the beanie hat knitted by Steve’s grandmother (seriously talented lady), and the bag I picked up from Winter Wonderland market a few years back.

Who would have thought that such an eclectic mix would exist in an outfit?

Continuing my nod to colourful knitwear it felt appropriate to bring out some colour when the sunshine finally appeared. Only hours earlier had I been battling against the wind and rain at the Peterborough Park Run.

Typical British weather.

This year I’m determined to have a more stylised look, I’ve even now gone to the extent of pre-planning my weeks outfits so that each piece is thought about thoroughly.

I always think there’s nothing worse than waking up and staring at your wardrobe tired and clueless with what to wear. So here’s hoping I can stick with the habit.







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