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Lipofirm Pro with TriLipo DMA Technology – Distributed by Advanced Esthetics Solutions

Last month I was contacted by Advanced Esthetics Solutions to see if I would be interested in reviewing their new Lipofirm Pro treatment now with TriLipo DMA Technology. (I know quite a mouthful right!)

But once I’d got my head around all the science jargon, I knew that I just had to give this new piece of body sculpting gadgetry a go, and see if it could aid in moving some of those stubborn inches from my child bearing hips. Beauty and tech combined, it got my inner beauty geek very excited!

I’ll certainly be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest size, in fact I’m a healthy size 8-10 depending on how much cake I’ve given into during the week, and I’m gym mad, so to be entirely honest my body doesn’t really require a lot of fat busting products to begin with.

However, in the name of beauty and geekery, I’ll try anything once, so I hopped into to the car and traveled to my local Lipofirm expert, Lisa at Elysia Health & Beauty.

So what it is…. 

Before I begin detailing my own treatment it’s probably best that I give you the low down on what this alien piece of equipment really does.

It’s nothing completely new, but it’s the way it’s been developed that makes it the most advanced solution for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening.

Using radio energy the metal probes heat the fat cells to turn them into liquid fat, which can then be more easily moved out of your body via your blood stream where it can be processed and removed. Depending on whether you’re looking for fat reduction or skin firming, depends on how hot the probes need to be.

Fat removal is accelerated by a ‘squeezing’ effect. The combination of external pressure of the probes and the internal pressure of the radio technology making your muscles contract, causes the fat calls to drain. Leaving areas feeling tighter and a lot less jiggly than when you started!

What can it do…. 

The beauty of this technology has to be within it’s diversity to offer a treatment that can be catered to your needs.

No matter your age it’s like an added bonus in achieving a beauty goal, aging prevention, stretch mark improvement, there’s essentially something for everyone.

Whether you need inch loss to get into that LBD, a helping hand in body sculpting, a touch of skin tightening or a body blasting to getting rid of that horrid orange peel, the results are all dependent on your requirements.

So what did I need it for?

Well my child bearing hips are just one of those areas that seems to attract all the fat. For my body, a moment on the lips truly is a lifetime on the hips!

The process…

After an initial consultation Lisa measured my hip area at it’s current size, so that after the treatment we could see if there had been any difference.

Ideally this treatment isn’t a one-off, and if you’re truly looking to get the best results, it’s best to take a course of 6-8 sessions. It’s like with most things in life, nothing is a quick fix, so you need to invest your time and even switch up your own personal lifestyle to get the best effects.

A bit like going to the gym, you’re not going to see any changes if you’re still eating cake! And the same goes for this treatment, it should work hand-in-hand with a health lifestyle.

Anyway enough of the rant..

A little bit like an ultrasound, Lisa applied a lubricant to my midrif and hip area to ensure that the probe could glide smoothly and ensure the radio-technology could get deep into the tissue.

The only way I can describe the feeling is a combination of intense heat and being slightly electricuted, (or some say it feels like you’re being hit with an elastic band, but I think that truly depends on your pain threshold).

If you’re the type of person like myself that quite enjoys the pain of being waxed then you won’t flinch too much during this fat zapping expereince.

The truth is, the weirdest feeling aside from the bizarre pain, was actually the feeling of my muscles contracting without me having to do anything except just lie there. Usually when my muscles are doing such things it’s because of my own actions in the gym, not from a machine!

After 30 minutes the treatment was over and we could at last measure the results.

Incredibly my hips had lost 4cm in that short space of time, and despite feeling a little raw, I certainly felt as though it had moved things about a bit.

Would I do it again… 

I must admit that I did go through with this treatment feeling a little pessimistic about whether it would really work, but seeing my own results and then seeing the results that some of Lisa’s clients had gained, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!

Despite feeling a little uncomfortable with the pain to begin with it’s definitely a grower, and if I really wanted to feel fabulous for a big event, I would definitely consider doing a course to aid in all the areas the gym can’t help with.

Lisa at Elysia was not only completely lovely, but she was so knowledgeable about the treatment and the technology behind it. She put me at ease throughout the session, and personally I find it so rare to find people who are passionate about a product and who’ve taken the time to educate themselves on the science behind it.

One treatment is £50 but you can purchase packages as well that are definitely better for those big results.

If you’re looking to treat yourself after a big body change I’d suggest you visit Lisa at Elysia Health & Beauty in Tansor. You’ll be in safe hands that can make you feel firm again.

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