Policure 7 Day Top Coat by Nubar

I must admit that it takes a lot for me to move away from my regular gel polish manicures, but when Nubar launched Policure their 7 day top coat, I was willing to cancel my manicurist to see if it could give me that high shine my inner magpie adores.

Since the launch of gel polish I’ve been addicted to getting my nails tamed, particularly as the shine gives off that perfectly polished look that you can rarely get with a good nail polish. But from time to time wearing the same colour for weeks on end can start to get a little boring – the trouble being that nothing previously on the market could last 7 days, and to have my nails look anything less than polished makes me feel undressed. (It’s an OCD – if they’re not painted, I’m not leaving the house.)

Excited by the prospect of being able to wear my favourite polishes without any problems, I combined my all time favourite BStrong Nail Strengthener with a layer of Nubar’s Purple Crazy and topped it off with a thin coat of Policure.

The super clever part about Policure is that it uses the sun’s natural UV rays to harden over time, ensuring that it gains strength with wear and traps in the colour for even longer.

Personally, as my nails are in good condition and I have a desk job, my manicure lasted past the 7 days and I actually managed to gain 10 days without a chip or a crack, my toes are still going strong with no sign of weakness, so I almost feel like I’ve not got a competition of wear between my nails and my toes as to which can last the longest. My poor neglected box of nail polishes are jumping for joy that they’re finally going to get some wear!

Now the real trouble is deciding which colour from my collection gets to show off next….

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