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POLKA2Polka Dot Jewelry – Available Here

When it comes to adding colour to my winter wardrobe I believe there’s no simpler way than with some vibrant costume jewelry.

Continuing my mission to brighten up these grey days with a splash of colour, I stumbled across the fabulous Polka Dot Accessories Boutique through Twitter.

Some of my best finds have come about thanks to that little blue bird.

Despite being overwhelmed by the candy shop of statement bling, I chose the Venus.

The sparkling cherry on top of any winter styling, I’ve had more compliments on this piece than I’ve had hot dinners recently.

Azure blue, fuschia pink and mint green, this bold decolage decor has the most mesmerising combination of colours that it’s hard not to be hypnotised by it.

And like it’s namesake it does make me feel rather like a goddess, so excuse me while get my Grecian wiggle on.

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