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With the Rat Race now only days away (eeekk), I thought I would share with you the kit that’s going to be getting me through the muddy and sometimes bloody obstacle course that is ahead of me.

It’s certainly not for the faint hearted or for the ill prepared….


Not just your average run of the mill running trainers, I’ve invested in some Karimor Trail Running trainers to see me through the slip slide of off-road running that lies ahead.

Any normal trainers will get chewed up and spat back out on this obstacle course, so good strong trainers are the most important thing you can invest in when doing any kind of obstacle.

They’ll protect your feet, and ensure you can actually move out of the mud, as well as help you avoid any injuries.

These ones I got from Sports Direct were a bargain, and have some serious grip.

There’s honestly no point spending a lot of money on trail running trainers as they get completely trashed by the mud and water, so like last years pair they’re probably going to be binned once I cross the finish line.

Top & Leggings

Keeping warm throughout the race is going to be important, as I’m not only going to be swimming through cold smelly water, but I’m also going to be outside and open to all that the weather has to offer.

I wore exactly the same top last year but in orange and it did the job perfectly, so I’m delighted that H&M brought it out again this year but in pink. This long sleeved thermal sports top is not only a beaut but also great value for money, as once again most of last years kit was binned due to being demolished by the mud.

The leggings are long and have a handy zip at the back so that I can carry some energy hits around with me.

They are also nice and tight which is great, as I really don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions whilst I’m attempting to get over the obstacles!


Not everyone see’s these as an essential item in the Rat Race kit but I certainly do.

Not only to avoid any broken nails but also because it just makes me feel a lot more comfortable when trying to crawl and grab onto things.

These Mad Grip ones I found on Amazon hands down beat the pair I had last year. They’re so grippy I could probably be Spider man!


Along the course there are a few pit stops where you can use the loo, grab a drink of water and a banana, for quick pick me up. But I’m also going to be taking a few of my own sugary snacks to keep my energy levels up.

My choice is a nice little pack of Jelly Babies grip sealed into a pocket, but I know my other team mates are also taking along some energy gels.

Whatever keeps you going I say!

If you’re looking to do the Rat Race next year, I’d definitely advise you to invest in lots of grippy stuff but not to spend a fortune.

The course is designed to be one of the hardest in the world, so don’t expect to come out of it without a few bruises.

Having the right kit will set your mind at ease that you’ll be safe, so you can just enjoy yourself…or as much of it as you can.


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