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 I first discovered Body Shop’s fragrance mists many years ago when I went through a phase of wearing White Musk. (I think it was a 90’s thing.)

But after visiting Body Shop recently I was re-introduced to their incredible array of scents that they now have on offer. And lets just say, there’s a whole lot more than White Musk. But if you’re still partial to it you’ll be glad to know it’s still going strong!

I’ve always been a true believer that a woman should never buy her own perfume. It’s an old tradition that I’ve just been brought up with.  So when I was in need of a more light fragrance that could see me through the hot days of summer without feeling as heavy as perfume, I was delighted to find that Body Shops fragrances catered perfectly to my needs.

Out of their fragrance collection I chose Indian Night Jasmine and Vanilla. Two completely different scents that I felt were both quite complimentary of each other.

Where Indian Night Jasmine is a rich sensual scent perfect for an evening out. Vanilla is a playfully sweet scent that would smell delicious whilst on a picnic.

The ideal thing about the Body Shop fragrance range is that you don’t have to invest heavily into their full sized products, and instead if you’re looking to trial a scent, they have some adorable sample sizes that you can purchase.

I’ve bought a few as they are perfect handbag size for any on-the-go top ups.

If you’re like me and don’t want to invest in any heavy perfumes that make you feel a little dizzy during hot days, then I would definitely recommend going along to Body Shop to find your summer scent.

Many of the ingredients are similar to that of premium brand perfumes, so if you take your signature scent the assistants can advise you on the fragrance that suits you best.

To me summer scents should be smells that remind you of good times, and these will certainly do that.

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