Pixie Shoes




Pixie Shoes

Taking inspiration from my favourite Disney fairy, I’ve created some pomtastic pixie shoes.

I think we can officially say that my obsession for pompom making has reached new heights. As a Disney adaptation of the shoe variety is certainly a little different.

I purchased the sparkly slippers from Primark for a mere £4, and the mint green wool from Hobby craft for £2, which means my fabulous fairy flats set me back a silly £6!

Putting my feet into Tinkerbell’s shoes certainly makes me feel a little more mischievous than any other shoes I wear, but now it’s only ignited a bigger passion for pompoms. Who knows what I’ll add them to next.

I’ve had so much fun making them, I’m considering my first new Lizaboo vlog to be a shoe customisation tutorial.

Let me know if you’d be up for watching it.



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  1. sarah @tempsec

    I love a bit of glitter, especially at this time of year! And I can never resist a pompom! This is so cute! I would definitely love to see YouTube tutorial videos from you, I say DO IT! YES! xxx

    1. lizaboo

      Yay!! Thanks for the feedback Sarah. Watch this space for some youtube tutorials eeekkk xx

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