Shoe Boots

Shoe Boots
M&S Back Zip Ankle Boots- Available Here

M&S have hit the shoe mark again!

Wanting a heeled boot for the winter season these warm red ankle boots just felt perfect for the mild winter weather we seem to be having.  A sexy six inch heel and created for comfort with Insolia, their versatility has come as a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

Yet another pair to my growing collection, I’ve featured more Marks & Spencers shoes on this blog than any other brand this year.
I would love to say I’m getting commission but it’s just the simple fact that they have been completely on trend throughout the year.
With such a winning streak for my shoe wardrobe, I’m reluctant to go anywhere else.
No different than with any of the others that I’ve purchased this year, these boots have gained me more compliments on my fancy footwork. And every time they are shocked when I say where they’re from!
(Will M&S ever shake the stigma of an old ladies shop)

But there’s a new year upon us and who knows who could steal the M&S crown for the most covetable shoes in town?

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