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When I’m not strutting my stuff in high heels I’m most often found hitting the tarmac in trainers. ( I know, and there you were thinking this girl sleeps in her heels.)

Putting my sparkly shoe addiction to one side for a moment, I recently purchased a new pair of running trainers ready to help me conquer the great eastern run.

But the truth is running trainers are probably the most important shoes that you should be spending your money on. Even though they don’t come with pompoms, sequins or tassels, (why the hell not), they are the one thing standing between you and an injury.

The simple truth is after over 10 years of being a runner, I’ve been there and experienced the injuries to know that when it comes to putting your body through the trauma of running, you really can’t go cheap on the shoes that are going to save you from future joint trouble.

Unfortunately as much as I LOVE running, it’s the worst exercise anyone can do, so in order to cushion the blow of you hitting your body against the concrete on a regular basis, you need to invest in trainers that are going to protect your body and ensure that it isn’t giving your joints a massive beating.

I know we always think ‘oh what’s the harm if I’m only doing a few miles’, but like with any accident or injury, as soon as it happens you’ll be wishing you had spent your money on the real deal.

Look at it from another perspective, if you invest in a really good pair of running trainers that make you feel like Forrest Gump when your running, the likelihood is you’re probably going to make the effort to get out more and go for that run rather than making excuses.

No matter if your running 1 mile or 13 miles, having the right running trainers is just as important as locking the door when you leave the house.

And trust me, when they start to die you’ll soon know.

Generally speaking, running trainers only have a marathons worth of miles in them, so once you’ve hit your mileage it’s time to re-invest.

To start with you’ll feel as though you’re running on air with a spring in your step, and as soon as the miles start to ramp up you’ll notice that they feel heavy and your knees start to ache more than they should.

As someone who’s been through a fair amount of running shoes I’ve listed a beginners guide that I hope will clear up some of those questions and make you feel more dedicated to hitting the road.

Where to go… 

Back away from Primarni, because although they’re as cheap as chips there’s a reason!

Instead get yourself over to a local Sweatshop or Advanced Performance where they can give you a gait analysis and pick out the perfect pair.

Personally I now favour the folks at Sweatshop after a bad customer experience in Advanced Performance, so if you would like to be treated like a person rather than a peasant I would highly recommend Sweatshop.

Gait what? …

I know the running jargon may be baffling but this clever piece of tech is what makes all difference in your running trainers being good for you.

When any running shop measures your gait it basically tracks the way that you move when you run.

This enables the assistants at the shop to see where your foot lands, how you land and if you need any support.

So you’ll pop on a treadmill, do a little run at your usual pace and be videoed to see exactly what your feet are doing down there.

For example, my right foot slightly goes in when I run. If I had any old trainers off the shelf this would cause my running to give severe pain in my knee and zero support. But thanks to a clever gait analysis they can find trainers which make me run less like a monkey and more like a human.

Will they cost the earth?… 

Admittedly good proper running shoes are not cheap, but that’s because they’re made of sturdy stuff that are probably going to last you a full year and protect your body from the trials and tribulations of running.

Specifically designed to be comfortable and supportive, and to make running less of a pain in the butt than it already is, it’s a worthy investment to do it right.

But they’re so ugly…

This comment always makes me laugh, as it’s exactly what my other half says everytime I go to buy a new pair.

And yet I don’t know why the remain so clunky looking. I suppose it’s the age old comfort over fashion scenario, but I’ll be all over it when a trainer designer finally comes up with some pompom-esque running trainers that can make me looking like a prancing pixie!

So whether you run like Phoebe from Friends or Forrest Gump I hope you feel a little more confident that with the right trainers on your feet you’ll soon be conquering your next PB!

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