So as promised I have decided to do a weekend Shoe post about what I wear on my fashion fickle feet.
Its a little late as I ideally wanted to do this on sunday night but I was too much of a lazy butt and could not be bothered to use my noggin.

So here it goes the first pair I wore over the weekend ………

My brand new adorable Topshop Ballet Pumps with big diamantes. 
These beautes were only £20 which I thought was quite a bargain for Topshop. 
They are mega comfy and and some real glamour to a casual weekend outfit. 

These werent really the most practical shoes I wore this weekend especially as it rained non stop, but I made sure they didnt suffer, and practically hopped about all weekend. Silly me you may say but a girl cant help but want to wear her new shoes.

My second pair of the weekend was my beautiful Eleanor KG’s….

My gorgeous finace purchased these for my birthday pressie when I turned 21!
If anybody knows me well they will know how much I adore Kurt Geiger shoes and how many I own! Eeeek good for me , but not good for the bank balance.
I wore these on Saturday night as again steve (my fiance) took me out for dinner at a stunning Malaysian Restaurant where the food was simply to die for. We ate far too much and had a few cheeky cocktails as well!

So there you go folks that was my first shoe post there will be many more to come as you can see ….

My next post may also be a little late as I’m working away in London this weekend.

I know, how will you live without my sarcasm haha 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and have enjoyed my shoe posts, please let me know if there are any shoes in particular you would love to see :o) 
If you loved my Shoes so much you must have them for yourselves here are the websites 

Ask Boo


  1. little rambling rose

    ooo shoe envy :)I love the first ones they are so pretty. I love the KG shoes in topshop atm I would quiet happily buy them all if money was no object x

  2. Filipa

    I think shoes are one of the best things in life. Seriously, without any joke. I love your KG ones, what a great fiance that must be! I don’t know if my would even know what KG is haha! 🙂

  3. Sara Louise

    the first pair of shoes look sooo comfortable and pretty for spring !

  4. Danielle

    Such pretty shoes! What a lovely fiancée you have, he’s a keeper;). Those KGs are gorgeous!

  5. Jade

    I will now be purchasing those flats after reading this post. They’re gorgeous! x

  6. Cylia

    those topshop flats are really nice:) a little jewel on the feet:D

  7. cheyenne davide.

    the topshop ones are really nice, loving the diamond type look going on hahah xx

  8. Becky-May

    I Looooove the heels, so classic!

    The Flower Girl

  9. Hen

    Both shoes are GORGEOUS! 🙂

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