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Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am that I behold the skill set to create my own clothes.
After two years of blood, sweat and tears (quite literally) I often wonder if I’ve really put my fashion education all to good use.
If anything reminds me of this, it’s when I’m beavering away on project that’s sprung into my mind after a moment of inspiration.
Creating something from scratch with only my own brain and the craft I’ve learnt, nothing beats the feeling of an accomplished garment.
Especially in these busy times when I barely have a moment to think let alone sit and stitch.
This top is my latest creation.
A complete light bulb moment when contemplating my holiday attire, a new top was needed.
Using just an old cotton pillowcase and dye, I’ve styled myself a nice little crop top for my week of sunshine in Greece.
Once again I’ve used my favourite sprinkle dye technique using a variety of Dylon cold water dyes, which is becoming quite a common feature in most of my work.
Admittedly the sewing is not my best handy work as I’m a little bit rusty from lack of practice, but I’m hoping with a little more dedicated time I’ll be sewing up my autumn/winter wardrobe ready for Fashion week :o)
If you would like me to do any tutorials/step-by-steps on dress making let me know and I’ll be happy to share my knowledge.

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  1. SJ Cosh

    this is awesome! Love the top – you have such a talent!! xx

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