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So I have a confession to make. My OCD for organisation has now been taken to dramatic new levels.

Every Sunday evening, even whilst you’re reading this post, I organise my entire weeks outfits.

Not satisfied with writing lists and diarising everything, I’ve now combined my fashion choices into a task. Why you might be asking? Well it just makes life easier.

There’s literally nothing more I hate than waking up in the morning to be faced with wardrobe fear. That dreaded feeling of opening up those doors and thinking I have nothing to wear!

We’ve all been there, and I know you can all relate to me when I say that on most occasions this would happen I would probably end up in head to toe black thinking ‘this’ll do’!

Well I was fed up of being Wednesday Addams and decided that life should be a bit more colourful, or a least my outfit choices should be.

So along with my sticky notes, (yes that is how sad I am), I now organise every single piece of my outfit for Monday – Friday, from the shoes to the accessories.

I know I probably need to see a doctor after revealing these new levels of organisation, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of time it cuts down in the morning.

Rather than staring at my wardrobe in complete confusion, I can now just get up, put my clothes on and focus on the day ahead. No distractions.

Of course the other benefits on my little Sunday night self styling session is that I take the time to re-invent existing pieces in my wardrobe.

So rather than think I need new clothes all the time, which used to happen a lot. I can now wear the same pieces but styled completely differently.

If you’re feeling in a bit of a style rut or uninspired with your wardrobe wears and fancy giving this organisation task a go, here’s some of my top tips;

1) Schedule an hour to yourself to just organise outfits. Doing it sporadically will end up with rushed choices that you won’t be happy with come the next day. So put your phone down, grab a cup of tea and learn to love your wardrobe again.

2) Take into consideration the weather and how you might be feeling. Monday’s are usually a struggle so I like to opt for something colourful to lift my mood and comfy to not make getting out of my pjs too traumatic.

3) Layering is the easiest way to pull together items that might not usually go together. Think about the key colours that are in the garments you’ve chosen and work around this palette.

4) I think a good bit of jewelry always pulls everything together really nicely. Layering delicate pieces or choosing some bold costume jewelry is like the icing on top of a cake.

5) A good pair of shoes can be the make or break of an outfit so choose them wisely. If you’re feeling a little lazy but want to still look stylish, opt for a casual outfit but accessorize with bright shoes and accessories. My shoe choices will also depend on what I’m doing after work, so if I’m having to dash to the gym I’m normally spotted in an ankle boot or ballet flats. Forward thinking is fashionable thinking!

It’s really quite surprising just how many outfits you can style from one item of clothing, and when you get to know your clothes you find more combinations than you ever thought possible.


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