GAIAM Foam Roller – Available Here

This post is long overdue, but after discovering the Foam Roller back in April during my training for the Rat Race I just had to share with you my new found love for the Foam Roller.

If you’re wondering why on earth I’m banging on about a bit of foam, well prepare for your life to be changed!

Because this little beauty is the best £20 I’ve ever spent. No word of a lie.

Offering the same sensation as a deep tissue massage, when maneuvered correctly over your body it works wonders on releasing the aches, pains and tension that accumulates from overworked muscles.

Is it painful? Yes

But is it worth it? Hell Yes!

It may look like a simple piece of pink foam but the personal form of torture has completely changed my ‘cool-down’ routine, and truly helped to ease all the stiffness that I would so often feel after days of working out.

I can’t count the amount of muscles that seem to ache these days, and just by spending ten minutes with the foam roller I can feel a big difference to when I would normally stretch out.

I chose this particular foam roller as not only was it supporting breast cancer UK, but it also came with a handy DVD which shows you all the best moves depending on your problem.

It’s not often that I feel as though I’ve got my moneys worth from a product, but this has definitely ticked all the right boxes, and I don’t think I’m ever going to be without it. (Which is good because I think Toby was eyeing it up as a new scratching post.)

Do your muscles a favour and just give it a go!

P.S A big thank you to Vanessa Hardy for introducing me to this life changer, you’ve saved my muscles x

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