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If Pinterest and Not on The Highstreet had a baby The Greedy Book would be it.

Combining unique and quirky items available to buy in the UK, with an easy to ‘grab’ button to add to your book. Sorting out an online wish list has never been easier.

Just when I was struggling to put all my Christmas desirables in one place, rather than send a gazillion links to friends and family, it’s finally all in one neatly organised little bundle. Just the way this tidy person likes it.

You see I always find it really awkward when people ask me what I want for Birthdays or Christmas. I find it rude to request things and most often have no idea what I actually want. Like most people, whenever I want something I just buy it. But now the Greedy Book takes all of the awkwardness away.

No longer will I be sat there scratching my head, as now I can just share my Greedy Book and hope for the best.

With a slight addiction to Pinterest (ok that might be an understatement), and a love for finding unique items, I can forsee this website becoming my new obsession.

It’s like a shopping list archive for the OCD. Once you install the Greedy button onto your web browser you can easily grab the items you see to add to your lists.

Unlike Pinterest, where often the items are unavailable here in the UK, the Greedy Book has it’s own product archive where you can find unusual peices that you can purchase, as well as add items from other sites.

This corner of the web has not only made my Christmas list super easy this year, but I’ve also thought about using it for collating outfit ideas. I’ve even shared it with friends and family in the hope that they’ll create their own and make my Christmas shopping stress free.

Have you created a Greedy Book yet?




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  1. Nicole

    What a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing now off to go have a look

    1. lizaboo

      Thanks for your lovely comment Nicole. The Greedy Book is definitely addictive :o) x

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