Thats correct people take a long and loving look at my AMAZING new shoes.
My gorgeous fiance resently purchased these badass shoesies for my birthday.
I practically squealed when i saw the beautiful black box arrive through my door.
I think it was almost the happiest day of my life.
The reason being these are not just any shoes and any shoe lover like myself will understand the ut most importance of a good pair of shoes.
Shoes are magical, available in every colour combination, buttoned, sequied and glittered, they can make a fat day bearable.
Whilst other fashion trends fade away a good pair of shoes are ageless!
I will put my hands up to owning far too many shoes and spending alot on them but they are always the best investment i have ever made. My shoes have lasted me a lifetime and nothing can replace that giddy feeling of putting on a beautiful pair of shoes that you know are guna WOW!
Not only do these shoes fit even more perfectly than cinderellas glass slipper, they are the perfect colour combination of vibrant sexy red and leopard print.
I hope you enjoy looking at my lovely new shoes as much as i love wearing them Hehehe,
but if you want a pair of your own get to

Ask Boo

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  1. Jess

    omgggg these are gorgeous!
    i love the leopard and the big red bows.
    i wish my boyfriend would buy me lush shoes! xxxx

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