Secret Vintage Fair – Peterborough

If you weren’t at Thorpe Hall on the weekend of the 31st October then you had better have a good excuse because you missed out the biggest vintage shindig that was going on in Peterborough. The Secret Vintage Fair took over the stunning heritage property for a weekend of glamour and glad rags that saw everyone come together to seek out some treasures.

As you’ll be well aware by now, I’m somewhat of a vintage addict and would much rather spend my time finding unique items that can add something special to my wardrobe than hit the highstreet to look like the clones.

So when I knew that the Secret Vintage Fair was coming to town I made sure that I attended not one day, but the entire weekend. (Because let’s face it, one day would never have been enough anyway!)

Luckily for you guys I went a little snappy happy, so I hope that this image heavy post goes some way in helping you to soak up the atmosphere that you missed out on.



If you think that the fair was the only thing that was going on then you will have been massively mislead, as you could be styled by the Hairaid Shelter for a vintage transformation, have a traditional picture taken in all your vintage clobber, and the beautiful Tallulah Goodtimes  brought her beautiful voice so that we were all transported back to the era of flapper skirts and swing!

The event was quite literally buzzing, and it was much busier than I had anticipated which made me feel thrilled that more people are investing in vintage pieces and handmade goods.

I of course managed to pick up some real show stoppers from Sue Ryder Vintage & Retro who had a stall, but they’re so special they deserve an outfit post of their own, so keep your eyes peeled!




There were some real gems around, and I’m not just talking about the vintage bling!

The clothes could well have seen me remortgage the house, but I managed to keep my spending under control despite the urge to purchase a ball gown that looked as though it had been transported from the 1950’s.

One stall that really stood out at me, if you can even call it a stall, were the vintage caravans that were parked up outside which had been renovated to be mobile cocktail bars and mobile afternoon tea shops.

Taking a peak inside and I couldn’t quite believe how awesome they were and how much detail had gone into their renovation.

I’ve never been one for caravans, but these can be hired to come to your event such as a wedding so that your guests can enjoy a cocktail or afternoon tea. I love quirky ideas like this, and felt it was such a unique way to bring a touch of vintage to your own events.




Aside from having a day out surrounded by lots of treasures in a stunning setting, I couldn’t get over the amount of people who took part in the costume competition and really showed us all exactly how vintage fashion should be done. It stood out to me at just how smart and ‘put together’ people used to look. These days it seems that everyone looks so scruffy, whereas back in the day there was never a hair out of place when you were out in public.

I can definitely say that I learnt a thing or two and I came a way with an even deeper love for vintage.

A big congratulations to everyone who put it together, and I can’t wait for the next one.

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