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If you’ve heard whisperings of a brand called Arbonne, I hope you’ll find this post just as exciting and refreshing as I did when I was introduced to the products over a week ago.

Like many of the best brands in the world, Arbonne originate from Switzerland, and their firm stance on botanically based products with the philosophy of pure, safe and beneficial effects, has recently created somewhat of a storm in the beauty world that has seen them competing with established brands such as Avon.

I’ll put my hands up to being completely out of the loop with this range, and I can honestly say that I felt it was simply going to be ‘just another Avon’, that wouldn’t so much as make into my skincare regime let alone hold a place on my lust list. But after picking up some samples of the products, I thought “what the hell”, I was in the market for some new products anyway and sample sizes are probably the best way to get a good understanding of the way the products work before I heavily invest. So armed with sachets and mini tubes lotions, I dedicated an entire week to giving them all my full attention.

So what was my verdict…


FC5 Face

With the sweetest combination of kiwi, mango, strawberry, pumpkin and carrot; the scent alone from these products made me want to eat them rather than apply them to my face, but once I did the rich, creamy texture felt luxurious on my skin and gave it a super soft feeling that I haven’t felt from a product in a long time.

Admittedly the facial cleanser was a bit bizarre to use at first seen as I’m so used to the good old Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, but once I got used to removing my make-up with remover and then washing it with the FC5 cleanser, it felt refreshing and much cleaner.

By far my favourite product from this range had to be the FC5 Eye Cream, as I tend to neglect my eyes (very naughty beauty blogger), but I think this is because I’ve never found that product that’s really made a difference. Well this blew my theory straight out of the water as those aged dark circles that I’m starting to get were transformed. Rather than looking so hollowed out and dark, my eyes look healthy and rejuvenated. Baring in mind I only had a sample for a week, I can only imagine what this product must be able to achieve with long term use. (Buys it at the bucket load.)

Arbonne Intelligence – Rejuvenating Cream

Moving from one amazing product to another, I couldn’t write this post without telling you about the impact that the rejuvenating cream had on my haggard mug.

Thanks to a very full social calendar over the past few weeks, my skin has taken a real beating from all the eating out, so it was looking a little worse for where putting it nicely.

I’ve always believed that skincare is a combination of what you eat and what you apply, but after a rather ridiculous week I treated myself to a pamper evening and slapped this onto my face and neck to see if it could work it’s magic in making me look human again. Well it did, and by a staggering amount.

I can hand on heart say that this is the first product I’ve used where I’ve had to do a double take in the mirror.

Not only were my angry red spots now dramatically reduced, but all my tired lines were now plumper and my entire skin just generally more radiant. I loved my faced that much I felt as though I was doing it an injustice plastering it with make-up again. But nobody wants to see this face nude! ;o)


FC5 Hair Care

If you’ve followed my hair nightmares on this blog you’ll know that I’m now all about the ‘au natural’ since my battle against the ravages of bleach, and since my hair is certainly nothing to be idolised I like to feel as though the products I use are in some way helping my hair get back to it’s healthy self.

I’ve dabbled in SLS and paraben free products previously and loved them, and the FC5 Hair care was much the same. The clean feeling it gave me, and that fab after scent when you swoosh your hair about, was everything I like in a hair care range and more.

I must admit that when I went to use the conditioner I had to check that I’d opened the right product, as it was so thick and creamy, unlike any conditioner I’ve ever used before, but you just don’t need a lot of product at all, and it feels so nourishing when you massage it in, like you’re having an expensive treatment at the hairdressers. Now if someone could just come and wash my hair for me I’d be in my element!


SeaSource Detox Spa 

I’m lucky enough to be a visitor to the Les Bains De Lavey thermal spa in Switzerland when we go across for holidays, and the scent that Arbonne have captured in these products take me right back to being there.

Just like a day at the spa, these products feel cleansing and calming, and rather than overwhelming my senses, they truly relax me. I know that some people prefer floral, aromatherapy scents, but these are much more salt based and traditional to the swiss spa experience I know of.

I know that I’ve really harped on about these products, and I’m sure you’re probably looking at the price wondering if it’s really worth it, but from my trial of using them I’d be happy to put my money where my mouth is.

These products are not only of a premium standard, but the visible effects are clear to see as soon as you start using them.

Have you ever tried Arbonne? Tell me your thoughts below.

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