This weekend I visited Vogue Festival 2015!

Wanting to attend since it’s launch in 2012, I had high hopes and even higher expectations for this fashion extravaganza.

Hoping to delve myself into the world of the ultimate fashion bible, the experience was located in the London Royal College of Art.

Arriving on time, I had already felt a little concerned about what to do or where to go, as there had been no form of itinerary sent since my booking.

I found myself just a little overwhelmed at the glam squad that greeted me, as the streets of Kensington were littered ladies looking their best!

However, not out to be ‘spotted’, I was there in a simple jeans and top combo, looking to have fun and educate myself a little more on some of my favourite designers.



vogue-festival-2015-image8As a magazine I have looked to for education and inspiration since my fashion diploma, I’ve continued my love for Vogue throughout the years, and so was truly excited for a more real experience of the pages I’ve lusted over for so long.

But despite enjoying the change of scenery and the inspiring talk, the rest in my eyes, left much to be desired.

The Manicures, Make-Overs and Hair styling was the ultimate disappointment, as feeling as though this would be the prestigious representation of the pages of Vogue, there was no designer makeup brand in sight.

So any illusions of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel handing over their beauty secrets were replaced by the more familiar Topshop and Bobbi Brown. And where hopes of a facial by Creme De La Mer could be found, was smoothed over by The Organic Pharmacy.

Affordable brands, but by no means the brands we all aspire to use when we read the pages of Vogue.

The catering was of course exquisitely done by Harrods, and despite the expense, I was happy to fork out on a little fancy food. So at least something felt like luxury!





Would I go again is the question that I keep asking myself?

The talk with Christian Louboutin was well worth the money, and I’ll be posting about that tomorrow.

But the festival itself?

The actual Vogue staff were surprisingly delightful, but I can’t help but feel that Vogue have done themselves an injustice by simply trying to fit in with the masses and monopolise on their young fandom.

I hate to be a moaning murtle about anything on this blog, and I try my best to avoid ever to be a ‘complainer’, but I felt that after looking forward to it so much, with many others who I know are looking to go, I had to do an honest review.

With no sniff of a goody bag except for one that you’d have to pay for the privilege of. I can’t imagine myself parting with my pennies anytime soon simply for the luxury of having ‘Vogue’ embolised on my belongings.

So I’m sorry Vogue but this fashion festival is still one that needs some work.




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