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I can always think of an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes… because when is there not a time to by the sparkliest, girliest most Disney princess shoes in the shop?

Sparkles just make everything better and my friends and colleagues are well aware of my fetish for anything that dazzles. Because if I’m not sporting my latest sequinned embellished vintage piece, I’m either layering up the jewelery, tottering around in crystals or dusting my nails with as much glitter as my manicurist can handle!

There’s just something special about adding some shine to my day, and no matter the mood whenever I throw on something that perhaps looks a little more special than day wear I just think YOLO. Because hey, if it’s ever going to be my last day on this beautiful world then at least I’ll know I’ve made good use of my favourite pieces and gave the world a little glow whilst I was at it. I don’t dress for anyone else except to please myself and put a smile on my face.

These show stoppers are the latest in my Kurt Geiger collection, and as you can see they’re are quite the sparklers.

Part of the cute but totally kick as younger sister brand Miss KG, the styles in this collection are designed to be frivolous and fun, with the fantastic benefit that they won’t cost you the earth either.

As I recently donned these to feel like Cinderella for a ball, my mission now is to try and incorporate them into my everyday outfits so that I can continue to enjoy their beauty. Because let’s face it, balls are few and far between in our modern times, and I don’t see any horse and carriages arriving any time soon with another invite, so alas I will simply have to wear them on a daily basis in case the occasion strikes that sparkly shoes are prerequisite!


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  1. Jenece De Andrade

    Hi There. I was wondering if these shoes were comfy? True to size? They are absolutely gorgeous. I cannot get them in South Africa, so I have to order online. Don’t want to order them and they aren’t comfy and won’t fit well. I love sparkles too , very much 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

    1. lizaboo

      Hi Jenece, thanks for your comment. Yes they are comfortable for a night out but not for everyday wear. They fit me perfectly, hope you love them as much as I do 🙂

      1. Jenece De Andrade

        Thanks so much for that info! Really appreciate it 🙂 I did order a pair. Really looking forward to getting them! 🙂

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