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When I purchased this years hottest kitchen gadget I had no idea how much it would transform my life.

Of course I had read the rave reviews that were plastered across the internet, and in all honesty I did purchase it purely on recommendation.

But when I saw the blitzing power that my poor blender didn’t have a patch on, my mind was blown by the possibilities, and my kitchen soon became a laboratory of experiments as to what concoctions I could come up with next.

Now although I’m head chef in my kitchen, I don’t get to experiment with recipes a lot. Whether I blame time or patience, it all equates to the simple fact that I hate to spend any longer in the kitchen than I have to.

So when I treated myself to this talked about piece of tech, I  must admit that I had visions of it being just another fad, and then shortly joining my other redundant gadgets that hibernate in my dresser, before unceremoniously being handed over to the local charity shop.

However, the Nutri-Bullet is different, of course it doesn’t look it. A standard slimline blender, you’d be forgiven if you’d have purchased a less than an ordinary knock-off expecting the same result. But you won’t get it.

Although aesthetically it will never win any awards, it’s transformed my meal preparation from a tedious time heavy task, to quick blitz with an instant meal in minutes.

You could say I’m now something of a Nutri-Bullet pro seen as there’s now nothing in my fridge I haven’t tried to liquidise, and if you think it stopped with smoothies, then brace yourselves for the culinary delights that I managed to spin together thanks to the Nutri-Bullet.

I’m sure these ideas are nothing new, as I wasn’t exactly an ‘early adopter’ of this magic, but now I’ve found myself pinning more food ideas on Pinterest than after an episode of Bake Off.


I know exactly what you’re thinking.

The Nutri-Bullet is meant to be used for healthy eating and getting in your 5 a day, not emulsifying a delicious biscuity base to encourage a cake habit.

But if you’re fed-up of sweating over getting that fine crumb free hand, then do yourself and your arm muscles a favour and just blitz it!


Well soup season is upon us once again, and as smoothies don’t seem quite as desirable in the miserable months, I thought mixing up some veg and a little seasoning would go down nicely with a warm crusty bread roll.

Not only helping me get more essential veg but also keeping me toasty warm during my long days at work.

There are some healthy foods in life that like medicine, we have to eat even if we really don’t want to.

But if you can’t handle the taste, blitz it and mix it with something you can enjoy!

Energy Bites

I’ve become a little obsessed with creating sweet treats that I can grab on the go, without the guilt of a high sugar or high fat content.

So rather than giving in to the chocolate bars or other calorific treats in the office, I blitz some desiccated coconut, cashew nuts, dates and coconut oil, roll them up and pour over a little dark chocolate.

After a few minutes in the fridge they’re the most delicious snacks I’ve ever made, a little like a healthy Bounty, and the best part is, they don’t take long to make, because everything is thrown in the Nutri-Bullet!


Of course smoothies had to be in this list somewhere.

But what many people tend to do is overload them with fruit, which in high quantities is bad for you.

So I pick just a handful of fruit, either pineapple or raspberries and then blend them up with spinach, kale and coconut water for a refreshing and vitamin rich drink.

My elevenses is just not the same without one now!

So if you want to re-invigorate your love for cooking, it’s by the far best kitchen gadget investment I’ve made since moving out over 4 years ago. After all, a Nutri-Bullet and a bottle opener is all you’re going to need. ;o)

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