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Trollbeads Cambridge Trollbeads CambridgeTrollbeads Cambridge Trollbeads Cambridge Trollbeads Cambridge

TROLLBEADS – Available Here

Last Thursday evening I had the privilege of attending the launch of the UK’s first Trollbeads concept store in Cambridge.

Located on Market Street in the heart of the historic town, this Aladdin’s cave came alive to introduce the first bead-on-bracelet Jewellery line that has been on the scene since 1976.

With live demonstrations from a skilled lamp worker, it was a fantastic opportunity to see how these beautiful glass beads are handcrafted to create the most unique and intricate designs.

No two beads are the same and each one holds it’s own, in design and beauty.

Mesmerised by the colourful beads before me I adored learning about each collections story and the elements that influenced them.

Entwined with danish mythology and inspired by worldly elements, each bead is available individually to personalise your own bracelet,  so it’s truly the most unique way to show the world who you are.

Despite loving the names of the beads as well as the colours I found myself instinctively drawn to the azure blue and turquoise tones.

Like the glass marbles I used to play with as a child, I’ve become completely fascinated by these delicate trinkets.

With unique clasps and chains, you can choose every element of your piece meaning everything about it is completely unique to you, and with Christmas fast approaching these stunning beads will certainly make for a thoughtful gift.





Ask Boo


    1. lizaboo

      Thanks for your comment Ana. I’m hoping some this might be under my tree this year :o) x

  1. celyn

    such cute beaads!

    1. lizaboo

      Thanks for you comment Celyn, I could stare at them all day :o) x

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