I’m usually a classic nail shade type of girl. In fact I’m most often spotted in a classic red or glamour puss pink, but this year I promised to push the boundaries a little more and really explore the various nail shades that are now so readily available.
When I was recently prepping my nails for some nail art I applied Nubar’s White Tip nail lacquer.
Although it wasn’t the look I was initially going for, merely a base for the nail art, I actually ended up really loving this refreshing look.
I’ve never been brave enough to wear white on it’s own as it’s always reminded me of youthful days spent  Tipexing nails in a bored classroom. However as it’s set to be a big season trend I thought I would give it whirl.
Worn short on well manicured nails, I think this is a preppy palette for the spring that offers a clean slate to play with.
Many of the white nails that have been spotted on the catwalks have been given a grown up twist with minimal nail art or embellishments. Something that can be easily achieved even by the most reluctant nail painter.
This fearless style takes no prisoners as it highlights your hands and exposes any imperfections. It made me feel very conscious of my chubby little sausage fingers.
It’s an eye catching nail colour that immediately attracts attention, even my Steve noticed my nails in this colour which is a first!
The consistency of the lacquer was great, giving me a solid colour in just two coats. Add that with the high shine Nubar Top Coat and I was well on my way to fashion forward fingertips.

You can purchase Nubar nail lacquers from Here 
Would you dare to wear White?

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