Shirt – Topshop / Skirt – Tahlia’s Closet / Boots – Zara

When I saw this skirt practically glowing at me from the clothes rail, I knew that it would illuminate my wardrobe with it’s neon lime green playful pattern and give a new piece to have fun with.

Being the girlie girl that I am, I’m all for the swoosh factor of a full skirt, and this has plenty of movement to make me want to do a little ballerina spin whilst getting ready.

Winter always lacks so much colour, and I’m already feeling bored of the endless array of black and maroon that’s dominating the shops.

I wore this outfit on a recent shopping trip, and to be honest I got some real looks when wearing this skirt, but as my dear friend Beth says, “Who wants to be vanilla anyway?”

I couldn’t agree with her more, and rather than adopting the usual dull uniform of winter, I’m going to being doing my damned hardest to insert as much colour as I can into each day!

So watch out world, I’m going to be blinding you with the rainbow.

Colour can raise the Dead – Iris Apfel

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  1. Caramella

    Lovely outfit, I love the combination! Yay for colorful outfits!! :))

    1. lizaboo

      Aw thanks Caramella, conquering the winter blues one colour at a time haha :o)

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